Multi-branch motor factor streamlines delivery operations

Posted: 06-12-2017

Discount Car Spares saves time and improves visibility of its delivery procedures with MAM Software's Driversboard module

MAM Software is pleased to report that multi-branch motor factor, Discount Car Spares has improved visibility of its delivery operations and saved valuable time at its warehouse branch with MAM's Driversboard module.

Established in 1989, Discount Car Spares is a multi-branch motor factor and GROUPAUTO member which services the Surrey area. The company offers products from a range of leading suppliers to trade and retail customers from its headquarters in Leatherhead and its retail outlet in Ashtead.

Discount Car Spares has been successfully using MAM's Autopart business management solution for more than 15 years. The company recently started using Driversboard, an optional module for Autopart that adds driver allocation functionality, to replace its manual procedure for managing deliveries.

Since using Driversboard, Discount Car Spares has reported that the module has helped save time when sorting orders at its warehouse branch, and allowed the company to gain a clearer overview of its delivery operations for its fleet of ten vans and two motorbikes.

Driversboard is designed to route and schedule orders to improve customer service while minimising operating costs. As well as delivery management, Driversboard can produce automated reports to allow for in-depth analysis of each delivery in terms of total turnover, delivery efficiency and driver performance.

"We went to visit Motorserv and Car Spares Cheshunt who use Driversboard and we knew that it was the way forward," as Gary Syrett, Managing Director at Discount Car Spares explains.

"Before we implemented Driversboard, we used a very old school method for our deliveries. We would sort orders on picking shelves and our drivers would write their delivery runs on a whiteboard in the warehouse so we knew where they were."

This method proved to have its flaws as it required staff to manually check picking shelves and relied on van drivers recording runs.

"For example, if a battery doesn't fit on the shelves, it will go on the trade counter and then if there's nothing to identify it on the invoice attached to the part it can get lost. Whereas with Driversboard, the orders are displayed visually in front of you on the computer so you can't lose it."

"The ability to click on an invoice in Autopart to see who is delivering it and what time they left, instead of looking at the picking shelves all the time, has given us greater visibility of our delivery operations and saved us time at our warehouse."

As well as Driversboard, Discount Car Spares has also benefited from the continuous innovation in Autopart, as Gary explains: "All of the new developments in each version of Autopart have helped us as a business, especially Autocat and Gnet functionality as we're a GROUPAUTO member."

Autopart's intuitive features allow Discount Car Spares to efficiently manage its core operations, control costs and generate new profit opportunities. The software integrates all of the company's sales, stock management, accounting and reporting processes into one easy-to-use package.

"It's clear to see that Discount Car Spares have reaped the benefits over the years of having a continuously developing business management system in the form of Autopart," said Mark Kendall, Head of Sales at MAM Software.

"Integrating the Driversboard module with the system has added functionality which has provided the company with tangible benefits and improved its delivery operations greatly."  

"MAM are committed to developing new features and functionality that adds value to our already feature-rich, yet simple-to-use, software."

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