Motor factor upgrades to cloud software

Posted: 24-10-2017

Long time MAM Software customer Majrona Karparts Ltd. upgrades to Autopart Online

Majrona Karparts Ltd., a Blackburn based motor factor, has chosen to upgrade to Autopart Online, MAM Software's cloud-hosted business management solution, after its on-site server reached its end of life cycle.

The company first started using an on-premise version of Autopart in 2002 as a means to step up the amount of customers it could handle and improve efficiency. It used the software's extensive capabilities to become a supplier for the local servicing garage network.

"Before we started using Autopart, everything was written down manually in books," as Sajid Sange, Managing Director at Majrona explains. "Autopart provided the stepping stone for us to effectively be able to deal with more customers."

After the company found out that its Windows server was no longer supported by Microsoft, it looked to move to a cloud solution. Hosted in a state-of-the-art data centre, Autopart Online offers Majrona the same functionality as on-premise software without the upfront cost of new hardware.

MAM cloud hosted solutions offer a more flexible means to access business management software for auto parts distributors and retailers.

MAM updates the software with innovative features and functionality, maintains the server hardware and ensures that the data is securely stored and backed-up; leaving users more free time to focus on other business tasks.

"For us, Autopart is a tried and tested system and after using it for 15 years we know that it is reliable and effective. We looked at one or two alternative systems but we didn't like the idea of moving to a new platform and retraining ourselves."

"We spent a lot of time deciding between buying a new server or moving to the cloud. The two main reasons why we have chosen to go to the cloud is because we will no longer need to worry about maintaining an on-site server and any system upgrades will be taken care of by MAM."

"We're glad that Majrona has decided to continue its long term relationship with MAM by upgrading to Autopart Online," said Mark Kendall, Head of Sales at MAM Software.

"We see accessing software through the cloud as the way forward for business. Lower upfront costs and automated data backups are just some of the key benefits that hosted solutions have to offer."

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