Microsoft support ends for Windows XP

Posted: 08-04-2014

MAM Software encourages businesses to update operating systems

As part of its duty of continued support to its customers, MAM Software is urging businesses using Windows XP to consider an operating system upgrade. From today, Microsoft will no longer provide public support for XP products, including patches, non-security hotfixes, incident support or online technical updates. This means that any new vulnerabilities discovered on Windows XP will not be addressed by new security updates from Microsoft.

“Secure IT systems are essential to all businesses; decreasing the threat of cybercrime should be a number one priority. Cybercriminals are well aware that Microsoft will no longer be providing security updates for Windows XP, so it can be assumed that exploits will be targeted and leveraged quickly,” said James Chadbourne, Head of Support Operations at MAM Software.

He added: “Aside from the increased risk of security breach, end of support for Windows XP carries serious implications that may affect our customers. In particular, new software releases - including Microsoft Office, anti-virus software and our own applications - may no longer be compatible with this operating system."

“We understand that updating operating systems may not seem like a priority for busy businesses. However, it may soon become apparent that an update causes much less hassle than the potential threat to IT systems should businesses choose not to act. MAM Software recommends upgrading to Windows 7 Professional or above.”

For more information on Windows XP end of support, please contact MAM Software’s support department on 01226 352901.

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