MAM Software rolling out latest Autowork Online v175 update

Posted: 29-09-2016

Autowork Online v175 release improves catalogue performance and adds enhancements to system functionality

MAM Software is pleased to announce the rollout of a new version of its garage management application, Autowork Online. Building on the earlier major v173 update, the new version boasts an improved catalogue, along with numerous other smaller enhancements aimed at boosting productivity and efficiency.

The integrated parts catalogue now uses enhanced Autocat version 8 data, resulting in much tighter part to vehicle matching. Better matches result in fewer returns, and better productivity when processing a job. Compressed date ranges mean that duplicate parts for different year ranges no longer show. This results in faster lookups, and simplifies the part selection process.

The Service Schedules has been reworked to give a clearer, more efficient workflow, and the required parts for a service are now shown without opening the catalogue.

The fleet and warranty account features have also been improved, making them quicker and easier to use. Accounts can now be flagged as a fleet or warranty provider, allowing them to be selected from a dropdown menu on other accounts, simplifying the process, and reducing room for error.

Further customisation options have been added to the Document screen, allowing its layout to be tailored to users' specific needs.

The custom jobs screen has been restyled, and a new Package Jobs 

feature allows for much more flexible fixed-price jobs. The price of labour is automatically scaled to make up the correct final package price.

Autowork Online v175 is now being rolled out to customers on a staggered basis. Users will automatically receive the update as soon as it becomes available for their system.

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