MAM Software announces rollout of first Autocat v8 data sections

Posted: 16-11-2015

New v8 data to offer improved search accuracy

MAM Software is pleased to report that sections of Autocat v8 data will be published in the next-generation online parts catalogue from Tuesday (17/11) and will continue to be rolled out over the following days. Fifty-five supplier sections from the top 20 Autocat suppliers will be fed into the system in a controlled manner, helping to increase the accuracy of v8 search results.

The sections will follow on from last week's update which added 11 data sections to the catalogue. v8 data will continue to be released over the coming months as part of an ongoing process, as suppliers learn to utilise and take advantage of the updated Make Model Index (MMI).

The new MMI empowers suppliers to upload increasingly accurate product information. Four new fields - Power (kW), No. Doors, No. Gears, Transmission - have been added to the MMI.

These fields are actively enabling suppliers to pinpoint vehicle variances and reduce their reliance on product 'notes' to differentiate products. MAM estimates that over a third of product groups could be enhanced as a result of the new MMI.

These improvements will be a major benefit to users, as the increased accuracy of search results will lessen the need to dual supply and reduce the number of incorrectly supplied parts that are returned.

The following data is scheduled to be released over the following few days, and will begin to be published overnight on Tuesday in order to minimise disruption. Users will be notified via the Autocat v8 feed when the data is published.

Tuesday night: Wednesday night: Thursday night:
Denso 16 sections Firstline 12 sections BGA 1 section
Sovereign 3 sections Gates 5 sections Continental Direct 2 sections
WAI 1 section NGK 3 sections KYB 2 sections
    IFA 2 sections
    Compressor Tech 8 sections

In order to take advantage of the new v8 data, users must be running the latest version of Autocat v8. Users can update to the latest version by quitting and reloading the system.

“We’re delighted to announce that we’ve begun rolling out Autocat v8 data,” said Mike Jamieson, CEO at MAM Software. “We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to make Autocat v8 a success, and the new data will go along way in ensuring that happens.

“Improving the overall quality of the data within Autocat was the most important objective in the v8 project and we will continue to work with our supplier partners to achieve this. We’re actively looking to rollout more data as part of what is an ongoing process, and we encourage users to lookout for the new and improved data as we progress.”

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