MAM Software announces general release of StockTake app

Posted: 21-04-2015

New tablet app integrates with MAM business management solutions to simplify stock counts

MAM Software is pleased to announce the latest release in its suite of tablet apps, MAM StockTake, which integrates with a suitable MAM business management system* to simplify the stock count process.

Available for Apple and selected Android devices, MAM StockTake works in conjunction with an MAM system* to provide staff with secure, real-time access to stock sheets. Stock sheets are generated on an MAM system and sent to the app via Wi-Fi or 3G/4G. Once a stock sheet is accessed, a full count can be conducted offline, meaning an internet connection is only required to submit the compiled data back to the system. The app is compatible with a range of MAM systems* and is free-of-charge for up to three users*.

“We’ve developed this app fundamentally to simplify a task that can often be a long drawn out and stressful process,” said Nigel Clemett, Commercial Director at MAM Software. “With automatic data transfer between StockTake and a suitable MAM system, stock counts are made much more efficient and are less subject to human error.”

Users are required to use a secure login in order to access stocksheets containing sensitive product data. Plus, when a user accesses a stocksheet, it will be locked to ensure no other user can attempt to override data by accident, reducing the chances of any mistakes during the stock count.

EMS Truck and Trailer Parts Ltd., a national supplier who took part in the trials, has already experienced significant benefits as a result of implementing MAM StockTake. Rob Molloy, Director at EMS, said: “StockTake saves us an invaluable amount of time when conducting stock counts as we no longer have to get our staff in to carry out a full, laborious count over the weekends – we can simply use the tablet app to count stock as we go while carrying out other tasks, such as refilling the warehouse or dealing with returns.

“Previously we printed out stock sheets for our staff to fill in manually, which can often cause errors when it came to typing the data back into our system. With the StockTake app we can now simply use the sheets generated on our Autopart business management software and fill them in on our tablet devices, with all the data automatically submitted back to Autopart”  

“StockTake is an example of how modern, portable technology can be utilised to free up staff time and make difficult tasks much more enjoyable,” Nigel Clemett continued. “It is the third product release in our planned suite of tablet apps and our staff have worked diligently throughout the development and testing process. The feedback we have received so far has been positive and we’ll be carrying out demonstrations at a number of trade shows this year.” 

*MAM StockTake is available for a range of MAM applications, both cloud-hosted and on-premise, including Autopart, Autopart Tyres and Trader and can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play. Hardware, software and/or implementation fees may apply. Please download the full requirements specifications from

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