Garages reap the rewards of cloud migration

Posted: 08-07-2015

Switch from Autowork CD to Autowork Online cloud-based solution paying dividends for businesses around the country

MAM Software is pleased to report that a growing number of garages and workshops are benefitting from Autowork Online, after migrating to the cloud-based business management solution from the now obsolete Autowork CD software. These business have joined over 1,500 companies already utilising the cloud-based solution.

An upgrade on the traditional solution, Autowork Online is accessed via an internet browser, with no installation or maintenance required. All data is stored remotely on high-security servers, giving users instant access to all the information that they need.

The system includes features that can benefit garages financially, as Mark Kettle at EAC Telford Ltd explained: "Before upgrading to Autowork Online from Autowork CD, we used to spend over £300 per month on stamps and stationery. Now, we’re able to send MOT & service reminders, statements and invoices via the customer communication functions that exist within the software, saving us around £270 a month as a result.”

Autowork Online also features new functionality that enhances the software’s capabilities: “The Integrated Repair Times & Parts Catalogue allows us to accurately price up a quote instantly,” said Jacqui Honour at Clarks Auto Service Ltd. “We’re even able to forward an email quotation directly to the customer. We no longer have to chase customers to provide them with quotes, vastly reducing the amount of jobs lost to our competitors.”

Autowork Online is easier to use than the traditional software, and has additional modules available for integration. Users also state the solution has lead to an increase in customer service and professionalism in their business.

“Upgrading to Autowork Online from our old CD system was the best thing we ever did,” said Sean Miller at Millers Garage. “The ease of use is brilliant. Autowork Online allows us to offer the highest level of professionalism & customer service possible using the integrated email/SMS facility & the MAM CarSide app."  

“We’re delighted that users of Autowork Online are benefitting from the solution,” said Gavin Sparks, Senior Sales Manager at MAM Software. “The CD software was a great solution in itself, but Autowork Online has added even more benefits to users, plus all the functionality of being cloud hosted. If they haven’t done already, we strongly recommend that our customers migrate to Autowork Online, and start enjoying its benefits.”

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