Forthcoming catalogue release will improve data quality

Posted: 18-06-2015

Next-generation Autocat catalogue will include enhanced index and new functionality for more accurate product matches

MAM Software is pleased to announce further details of its next-generation Autocat parts catalogue, which is due to be launched this summer. The forthcoming 'Version 8' release will feature an enhanced Make Model Index (MMI), performance improvements and new front-end functionality designed to provide end users with more accurate search results.

Building on the success of the previous Autocat catalogue, the new application will allow suppliers to provide product data that is more closely matched to VRM information. Four new fields - Power (kW), No. Doors, No. Gears, Transmission - will be added to the catalogue Make Model Index (MMI). These will enable suppliers to pinpoint vehicle variances and reduce their reliance on product 'notes' to differentiate products.

These improvements will be a major benefit to end users, as the increased accuracy of search results will lessen motor factors' need to dual supply and reduce the number of incorrectly supplied parts that are returned.

A new release of MAM's Automate Online data management tool will empower suppliers to map their data to the new MMI and upload it directly to the new Autocat catalogue. MAM estimates that over a third of product groups - covering nearly 2,500 catalogue sections - could be improved by mapping to the new index.

MAM Software is working closely with user groups and suppliers to ensure the forthcoming release meets expectations. MAM has also had an excellent response from partners Elcome, Headline and DDS, catalogue data specialists who help maintain and manage supplier data. All have provided assistance in the preparation for the new catalogue release.

"Better catalogue data benefits everyone in the supply chain" said Tony Mason, Sales Manager - Data and E-commerce at MAM Software. "Ensuring first-time-fit reduces costs for motor factors and garages that use the catalogue. Suppliers benefit too, as accurate data builds trust, which can have a positive impact on sales."

This view is shared by Mukesh Shah, Chairman at Motor Parts Direct, who believes that accurate product data in Autocat is vital to his business: “The accuracy of catalogue data is extremely important. It allows customers to place their trust in us, and be confident  that whatever part we’re supplying them with, will enable them to get on with the job.”

To help suppliers capitalise on the release of the new catalogue, MAM Software is now offering a free Autocat data health check and free Automate Online training. Interested suppliers should request an appointment below:


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