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EAC Telford optimises vehicle health checks with MAM CarSide

Independent garage increases revenue and enhances duty of care with MAM’s increasingly-popular tablet app

Established for over 15 years, EAC Telford is an independent garage and member of the Bosch Car Service Network serving the Halesfield, Telford and Shropshire areas. The company offers a range of services, specialising in vehicle services and MoT testing. It also offers key replacements, radio decoding, parts and tyre fitting and loan vehicles. “As an independently owned garage, we pride ourselves on customer service, value for money and a vast offering of crucial services for vehicle owners,” said Mark Kettle, Managing Director at EAC Telford.

Determined to be at the forefront of setting new standards for the motor trade, EAC is proud to be the only AA approved garage in Telford for all AA service & repairs.


Around two and half years ago, Managing Director Mark Kettle oversaw the introduction of vehicle health checks. “We wanted to extend our services to offer vehicle inspections so that we could better advise our customers on any repairs that their vehicle required,” said Mark. He added: “We’ve also previously had problems with damage claims to vehicles which were losing us a lot of revenue and causing us a lot of stress.”

The first paper-based vehicle inspection system the company used didn’t provide a platform to record and detail evidence of pre-existing damage. Plus, the process of manually entering data from the paper-based forms to its software management systems meant staff were unable to spend more time undertaking customer-driven tasks. Mark knew that this system did not meet the company’s requirements.

It was around a year after introducing health checks that EAC Telford installed a new electronic vehicle health check system. “The system we upgraded to was certainly an improvement, but there was still manual data entry required with it being from a different provider to our management solution provider - MAM Software. It was also very difficult to make our own checklists, as this needed to be organised with the provider and could be a long process,” explained Mark.

With a health check system that was still causing EAC Telford a lot of frustration, Mark knew that it was time to explore his options.


“We’ve been a long-time customer of MAM Software having used its software solutions to manage our core operations for a number of years,” said Mark. “We got in touch with MAM and explained the problems we were having. It was then that we learned about MAM’s - at that time - forthcoming tablet app, MAM CarSide.”

Having previously managed its garage with MAM’s Autowork Online, EAC Telford switched to BCS Online – also developed by MAM - when it became a member of the Bosch Car Service Network. “We worked with Autowork Online for a number of years and were delighted to find out that the Bosch-recommended BCS Online was also a product developed by the capable hands of MAM Software,” said Mark.

Mark continued: “As soon as we heard about CarSide we agreed to be one of the first companies to try it out and we were very pleased with its ease-of-use. It takes us no time at all to create our own custom checklists and we can do so completely independently of MAM.

“CarSide also allows us to record pre-existing damage with photographs and annotations. And because our core management solution and CarSide are both developed by MAM Software, they integrate seamlessly – which means no data entry between the two systems.”


Increased up-sell opportunities

CarSide has provided EAC Telford with revenue-generating opportunities and helped it to increase its profits. Mark explained, “We carry out up to 250 health checks a month using CarSide, which generates us an extra £300-450 in profit a month. Plus, when we identify work that will be needed in the future, we can transfer this to BCS Online and send reminders via SMS and email.”

Integrated package

Manual data entry is a time consuming activity, but with an integrated system staff are now able to focus on customers. “Our staff have felt the benefit of two systems working in unison, and automatic data transfer has made our lives a lot easier,” said Mark

Protect against damage claims

“The damage report is invaluable to us – it recently saved us £500. The customer thought we had damaged their car door, but we resolved the issue with little fuss when we were able to show them the pre-existing damage that we had recorded,” explained Mark.

Enhanced customer service

EAC Telford prides itself on customer service, which has further been enhanced by CarSide as it supports their duty of care, “Identifying required work isn’t just about creating up-sell opportunities; we have a responsibility to advise our customers on issues of vehicle safety, and CarSide allows us to do just that.”

Ease of use

EAC Telford offers a range of health check options so that people with a tight budget can still gain an insight into the safety of their vehicle. “Creating our own custom checklists not only allows us to offer a range of checks, it also allows us to perform them on a wide range of vehicles.”

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