Discover the fast, secure way to sell products online 24 hours a day – with simplified invoicing and payment processing

MAM Software is dedicated to providing your business with the tools you need to optimise performance, maximise profitability and streamline stressful tasks. That’s why as part of our online strategy, we now have a full suite of e-commerce solutions that can help your business harness the full potential of the online marketplace. We understand the challenges you face when selling online. That’s why our products are designed to be simple to use and can help you quickly and easily derive the full benefits of e-commerce.

Our solutions work hand in hand with your MAM business management system to provide automated order processing, stock level updates and pricing. Plus, they’re expertly designed and put together to make your online platform stand out from the crowd. In today’s online environment, you need more than just a working e-commerce solution; you need a search engine optimised web presence that can secure repeat business and enhance the customer experience.

We cater for the automotive, tyre and merchant industries and supply e-commerce solutions to accommodate buy-side, sell-side, B2B and B2C activities. Whatever your needs, we have the perfect solution, tailored to meet your specific business requirements.

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Integration with your MAM business management solution

Our full range of e-commerce solutions integrate seamlessly with your MAM business management solution to populate your online shopping platform with product descriptions, images, prices and special offers. This means that you only have to maintain data in one place to reap the full benefits of online trade. With simplicity playing an integral role in the development of our products, all purchase orders made via your e-commerce solution will be processed automatically within your MAM back-office application. As part of this process, stock levels and the relevant ledgers are updated with the minimum of intervention.

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Sell to customers online, 24 hours a day

Our range of solutions give you your own shopping platform to sell to retail and/or trade customers 24 hours a day. We provide B2C shopping websites that your customers can access via a web browser, as well as B2B solutions that facilitate efficient trade directly from within MAM business management solutions. We understand the relationships that form between businesses, which is why trade logins are available to allow customers to view their own unique pricing and purchase history. The facilities we provide ensure that you can maintain the highest standards of customer service while providing a professional shopping environment to enhance profitability.

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E-commerce for improved purchasing power

Our buy-side solutions provide a great way to in which to streamline your purchasing process. With our application integration solutions, you can connect to a wide range of suppliers, check pricing and availability, and products from them directly from within your MAM business management solution. 

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