Customers remain highly satisfied with MAM

Posted: 16-02-2017

2017 customer survey returns positive results and comments about MAM's products and services

MAM Software is pleased to report the results of its annual customer satisfaction survey. After being asked questions regarding staff professionalism, knowledge and response times, the results show that a high percentage of MAM customers are satisfied with the service that they receive.

Respondents praised MAM support staff courtesy, with 94% expressing they were 'very' or 'quite' satisfied. 89% of respondents were satisfied with staff professionalism, with respondents saying staff were "always happy to help" and had "good levels of patience".

82% expressed positive satisfaction with staff's ability to explain clearly and 88% were 'very' or 'quite' satisfied with willingness to help with issues. Survey participants left comments saying staff were "very efficient and reliable".

82% of respondents stated they were satisfied with their last call with MAM support. 80% were satisfied with the time taken to answer the phone, with customers praising MAM support for "regular updates on cases" and "solving most problems quickly".

Overall, 77% of respondents expressed that they were satisfied with the services they had received in the last 12 months, one saying that MAM "provide attentive customer care and staff are very helpful with issues raised."

The survey results further reflected a strong sense of brand loyalty from respondents, with 85% expressing that they were likely to remain an MAM customer going forward. Also, 7 out of 10 survey participants said that they were likely to recommend MAM to other people.

"We're delighted with the results of our customer survey, and we'd like to thank those who took part for all their feedback," said Robin Darnell, Operations Director at MAM Software.

"Our reputation is very important to us, and we're thrilled that our customer base is happy with the service we provide. We will continue to work with the feedback we have received and continue to strive to improve our products and services."

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