Customer satisfaction remains high at MAM

Posted: 12-02-2016

2016 customer survey returns positive results

MAM Software is pleased to report the results of its annual customer satisfaction survey. The results again show that a high percentage of MAM customers are satisfied with the service they receive, after being asked to rate different criteria including staff professionalism, knowledge and response times.

89% of respondents stated they were satisfied (either 'very' or 'quite') with the professionalism of MAM support staff. 81% were satisfied with staff's ability to deal with a request or issue and 85% satisfied with their ability to understand and record issues accurately.

85% of respondents stated they were satisfied with their last support call, with 76% expressing their satisfaction with the time taken to respond to requests or issues. Overall, 76% of those that completed the survey were satisfied with the service they had received over the last 12 months.

These statistics were emphasised by a strong loyalty to the company, with 83% of respondents 'very likely' or 'quite likely' to remain a customer of MAM.

Respondents also provided a variety of positive comments, including:

  • "High quality and professional service, with very good product/service knowledge that is applied effectively."
  • "Always professional and aim to help. Always get the feeling there is a willingness to want to resolve an issue."
  • "Professional & courteous approach to customers. Listen to and respond to customer requests." 
  • "I think the approachability of the company and staff is at the best level ever."
  • "Innovative company and a continually improving core product. Spot-on from my perspective." 
  • "Provide a professional stable product to run my business."

"We're delighted with the results of our customer survey, and we'd like to thank the respondents for their feedback" said Robin Darnell, Operations Director at MAM Software.

"Our reputation is very important to us, and we're thrilled that our customer base is happy with the service we provide. We will work with the feedback we have received and continue to strive to improve our products and services."

You can access the complete report by clicking on the link below.

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