Catalogue data cleansing already delivering benefits

Posted: 17-07-2015

Preparation for forthcoming Autocat v8 parts catalogue is already improving data quality for current v7 users

MAM Software is pleased to announce that, as a result of preparation for the release of Autocat v8, version 7 users of the electronic parts catalogue are benefitting from ongoing work to cleanse data stored within the system. The cleansing process is helping to remove the amount of duplicate data that exists within the catalogue.  

Autocat v8 is scheduled to be released in summer 2015. A brand new release, it will feature a host of improvements. New functionality, an enhanced MMI (Make Model Index) and a new release of the Automate Online data management tool will empower suppliers to provide increasingly accurate product data to Autocat v8, benefiting users as a result.

As part of work to improve the software, MAM has contacted all Autocat suppliers to aid in the removal of duplicate data stored in the catalogue. Version 7 users are directly benefitting from this process, with search results in Autocat now returning fewer repeated part numbers.

A number of suppliers have already begun uploading cleansed data. These include:

  • ALCO
  • BGA Group
  • BRT
  • Continental Direct
  • Drivelink
  • FAI
  • FBS Automotive
  • First Line
  • GT Exhausts
  • Hamtune
  • IFA
  • Kayaba KYBl
  • NGK
  • QH
  • Sovereign
  • Trupart
  • Universal

"As part of our efforts to improve the Autocat catalogue ahead of the launch of version 8, we’re currently in the processes of cleaning up the system and removing duplicate data," said Tony Mason, Sales Manager - Data and E Commerce at MAM Software. "We've implemeted systems to monitor the quality of data that is provided by suppliers. By analysing Autocat key performance indicators (KPIs) on a regular basis, we'll be able to help suppliers maintain data accuracy going forward. These improvements are vital to the catalogue and its user base as we look to release Autocat v8."

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