Buttler shooting for success in Italy

Posted: 11-09-2015

MAM Software’s very own Edward Buttler will represent Team GB in Shotgun World Championships this September

MAM Software is delighted to report that Senior Developer Edward Buttler has been selected by Team GB to shoot in this year’s Shotgun World Championships, taking place in Italy this autumn.

The 46-year-old from Rotherham will fly out to Italy before the tournament begins, and even though he doesn’t expect to medal, Edward admits he's looking forward to competing in his first ever world championships.

“It’s my first major competition and one that I’m hugely looking forward to,” Edward explained. “The standard of the competition is extremely high, so it’s unlikely that I’ll medal, but I’m sure it will be a fantastic experience.”

Edward will be competing alongside a selection of top gunners from around the country. He will compete in a pre-selected team of three, while he’ll also be scored on his individual efforts.

A member of the Air Cadets through childhood, Edward has always had a keen interest in shooting. In his teenage years he joined the Territorial Army, and later took up the sport as a hobby, obtaining a firearm license.

Despite later gaps in his shooting tenure, Edward never lost his affection for the sport. And it was a trip to MAM’s stateside offices in Allentown, Pennsylvania, that reignited his passion and convinced him to take up the sport on a more regular basis:

“I was in the air cadets as a kid, but I had big gaps in my shooting experience, it’s not something I originally stuck at,” Edward said.

“But, I went over to America with work and visited a shooting range in California with one of my colleagues while I was there. It was great, so I thought I’d see if I could find anything similar over in the UK. I managed to find a local club, and it took off from there.”

The Senior Developer has worked at MAM for over 17 years, and it was a company corporate day, organised by Edward himself, where he found his shooting calling:

“There was a double-barrel shotgun event, and I’d never shot with a shotgun before,” he said. I thought to myself ‘oh, I like this’, so I joined the relevant organisations and started shooting more frequently, before moving on to local competitions.”

Edward now participates in monthly competitions around the UK, and has had the opportunity to train under the tutelage of the leading shotgunners in the world. The experience has paid dividends. He achieved highly regarded ‘Grade A’ shooter status to qualify for the world championship event.

Held every three years, the championships will take place between the 13th and 19th of September, and will pit the world’s best against each other in a fierce competition. And despite expressing his reservations about a podium finish, Edward is looking forward to what promises to be a memorable experience:

“It gives me a great sense of pride to be representing Team GB at the championships. Again, because of the lack of training and funding available and the high standard of the opposition, it’s unlikely that I’ll medal. But still, I’m looking forward to the experience of competing alongside the best in the world and doing myself proud.”

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