Automotive parts retailer switches to MAM cloud computing

Posted: 24-11-2016

Milehams Discount Car Care praises cloud functionality of Autopart Online

Milehams, an automotive aftermarket parts and accessory retailer and A1 Motor Stores member based in Dunstable, said that it has seen a number of improvements to its business processes after upgrading to Autopart Online, MAM Software’s intelligent cloud-hosted business management solution.

After being an MAM customer for ten years, Milehams switched its Autopart system from an on-site server to a cloud-hosted solution to enjoy the benefits of a more efficient system, secure data storage, and automatic backups.

Since utilising Autopart Online, Milehams said that the speed at which it can do business is now much faster, and that it feels at ease not needing to maintain its own expensive on-premise server.

MAM cloud hosted solutions are available for auto parts distributors and retailers. Kept in a state-of-the-art data centre, this Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) approach gives the same functionality as MAM's traditional software, without the cost and time investments of overseeing on-site server infrastructure.

MAM will update the software when necessary, maintain the server hardware and ensure that the data is securely stored and backed-up; leaving users more free time to focus on other business tasks.

“We were looking to upgrade our server, so rather than spending a large amount of money upfront for a new piece of hardware we decided the best decision was to switch to a cloud-hosted solution. MAM installed brand new workstations, transferred us to the cloud overnight and we were ready to go the next morning - it was seamless,” as Lucinda Mileham from Milehams Discount Car Care explains.

“Our worry was that if we had an on-site server and it crashed then that would be it, we could potentially be unable to trade for the rest of the day until it was fixed. Whereas, with the cloud we do have that peace of mind that any problems would be taken care of by MAM.”

“We’ve been storing our data in the cloud for a couple of months now and we are extremely satisfied. I would easily recommend Autopart Online to anybody who is considering making the move over to cloud-computing.”

“We are pleased to see that Milehams have improved their business and given themselves that feeling of security through the use of cloud software.” Said Ben Nicholls, Sales Executive at MAM Software

“The way we access our software is changing and the continuing trend towards cloud hosted systems shows that more and more businesses are recognising the advantages that cloud hosted software brings.”

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