A data-management tool enabling component suppliers to improve the quality and latency of data they supply to Autocat+, our industry-standard parts catalogue

What is Automate?

Automate is a catalogue data-management application that enables component suppliers to publish product data directly to the Autocat+ online parts catalogue. Automate takes your catalogue data and prepares it for publication in Autocat+, providing reject reports for incorrect data and gap analysis to help improve your entry.

Your product data is verified against the Make Model Index (MMI) before being scheduled for the next hourly upload – helping you to achieve MMI Certified Data Supplier (MCDS) status. Continual updates mean that your product information is never out of date, ensuring customers always have access to the very latest data.

Who is it for?

Automotive component suppliers. 

What are the benefits to your business?

  • Publish accurate component data online
  • Standardise and verify data for easy searches and comparison
  • Achieve MMI Certified Data Supplier (MCDS) status
  • Give customers complete confidence in your data quality

What does Automate offer?

Make Model Index (MMI)

Automate includes the Make Model Index, a valuable resource enabling component suppliers to reference catalogue data against the most comprehensive database of UK-specific vehicles. By matching your product data to MMI’s unique identifier ID number, you will facilitate more accurate vehicle searches in the Autocat+ catalogue. Automate helps you to develop a consistent data structure for your product information, giving customers greater confidence in your data.

Catalogue Data Tool (CDT)

The Catalogue Data Tool within Automate allows you to perform real-time changes to the component data that appears in Autocat+. You can add and verify new product details and fitment changes, before previewing them and instantly publishing to Autocat+. CDT ensures that your customers always have access to the latest, most accurate product and fitment information. 

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