Autocat v8 exceeds 1000 section milestone

Posted: 03-08-2017

Number of v8 data format catalogue sections passes significant milestone, adding to a comprehensive range of parts

MAM Software is pleased to announce that its next generation electronic parts catalogue, Autocat v8, has just passed the substantial milestone of having over 1000 different product sections mapped to the v8 data format standard.

Autocat v8 is a comprehensive electronic parts catalogue that enables users to quickly find all the components needed for any vehicle or application. As an automatically updated, web-driven catalogue, Autocat v8 gathers component data from multiple suppliers, providing instant access to the most up-to-date component specifications.

The catalogue, which has over 11,000 users, uses the latest v8 data format to map data to the catalogue's new Make Model Index (MMI). This new MMI empowers suppliers to submit product information more closely matched to vehicle registration numbers.

MAM continues to work with data suppliers to help them remap their data to the new MMI, which includes four new fields (Transmission Type, No of Gears, No of Doors, kW). Improving the accuracy of catalogue searches results in fewer product returns, reduced overheads and increases consumer confidence and satisfaction.

"We're delighted that we have reached another important milestone with the catalogue," said Nigel Clemett, at MAM Software.

"Having more detailed catalogue data benefits everyone in the supply chain, from the parts distributors to the 11,000 users who rely on the catalogue. Mapping data to the new Make Model Index ensures a first-time-fit, reducing costs for motor factors and garages that use the catalogue. Suppliers benefit too, as accurate data builds trust, which can have a positive impact on sales."

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