Autocat v8

An online vehicle parts catalogue enabling you to quickly find and compare components from multiple suppliers. It is constantly updated using web-based technology – so you always have access to the latest component information

What is Autocat v8?

Autocat v8 is a comprehensive electronic parts catalogue that enables you to quickly find all the components you need for any vehicle or application. As an automatically updated, web-driven catalogue, Autocat v8 gathers component data from multiple suppliers, giving you instant access to the most up-to-date component specifications. The data is maintained through an automatic verification and standardisation process, facilitating easy product comparison. Web-based data retrieval also means you don’t have to rely on CD-based updates to access the latest product information.

The catalogue is simple to use, with intuitive selection and drill-down menus on a single screen. You can search for the components you need by product type, supplier or part number. 

Who is it for?

Motor factors and automotive parts retailers. From single site operations to nationwide multiple-site organisations.

What are the benefits to your business?

  • Instant access to parts information from multiple suppliers
  • Simplified product search, identification and comparison
  • Access to the latest product data – no more CD-based updates

What’s new in Autocat v8?

Version 8 data

Autocat features the latest version 8 data. The data is more accurate and cleaner than previous Autocat versions, ensuring you’re more likely to find the part best suited for your customer’s needs.

A new Make Model Index (MMI)

The Make Model Index (MMI) has been enhanced to now includes four new fields - Power (kW), No. Doors, No. Gears, Transmission - ensuring the data suppliers provide to Autocat is more accurate. This means you can be more confident that the part you’re selling to customers is correct, increasing customer satisfaction and resulting in less parts being returned.

Direct supplier communication

Message notifications in Autocat are now displayed on the home screen, allowing you to effectively keep track of your messages from suppliers relating to data queries. This allows you to monitor of the status of your data query more effectively, and have direct communication with your suppliers in order to improve data accuracy.

Enhanced VRM lookups

TheVRM lookup tool has been updated so that lookups now fill the screen. With more detailed information available to view at once, it’s easier to navigate through your lookup history (which is now stored for 24 hours). You can also now quickly re perform previous lookups in just a few clicks, saving you time.

Check your history*

The new history button in Autocat v8 allows you to analyse and keep track of invoice and credit history. You will save time by no longer having to return to Autopart to view your sales. The new view also gives you information about the purchasing history and purchasing habits of your customers, allowing you to determine what parts they are likely to order and therefore allowing you to provide them with a quicker service. This ensures customer satisfaction is maintained.

*Only available with Autopart v30

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