Motor factor improves delivery productivity with Driversboard

Posted: 06-11-2013

Shepshed Auto Spares Ltd adds an extra delivery per shift with MAM Software’s Driversboard Module

MAM Software is pleased to report that Shepshed Auto Spares Ltd has enhanced delivery efficiency with MAM’s Driversboard Module. The module’s ability to improve delivery allocations and automate administrative procedures has given drivers more time to spend on the road, allowing them to complete an extra delivery per shift.

The Driversboard Module is an optional feature that adds driver allocation functionality to MAM's Autopart business management software. The module allocates the most efficient routes to multiple customers to increase delivery efficiency, whilst all paperwork, such as manifests, invoices and delivery notes, are automated to free up driver time. Plus, the system can be utilised to create service level agreements, request proof of delivery’s and re-assign undelivered items to later van runs.

“The Driversboard module has brought significant and measurable benefits to our business,” explained Spencer Parkin, Director of Shepshed Auto Spares Ltd. “One of our drivers can now complete seven deliveries per shift rather than six, as the system automatically produces manifests, which we’ve previously had to do with pen and paper. The system also automatically produces reports so we can easily analyse each delivery.”

By simply entering the driver’s return to base time, Driversboard can produce automated reports to allow the in-depth analysis of each delivery in terms of total turnover, delivery efficiency and driver performance.

Spencer Parkin continued, “We chose MAM Software because alternative software suppliers could not provide us with a module as powerful or as comprehensive and MAM tailored the system to suit our specific requirements.”

“Customising our software to meet the demands of businesses is just one example of our dedication to providing a high level of customer service.” said Mark Kendall, National Sales Manager at MAM Software. “We’re committed to developing feature-rich, yet simple-to-use, software designed specifically to bring significant, quantifiable benefits to our customers.

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