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Virginia Tire & Auto's history stretches back to 1976, when owner Myron Boncarosky founded his first store in Fairfax City. Myron spent the next 35 years expanding his business, building on the success of the first location to open multiple full service gasoline stations across the region. In 1988 the company became affiliated with Goodyear and opened Virginia Tire and Auto of Centreville, signalling the beginning of the high-tech, upscale auto shops that now stretch across Northern Virginia. Myron has been continually recognised as a leader in the automotive repair industry, ensuring that Virginia Tire & Auto is steadfastly committed to exceeding customer expectations of honest, courteous and quality service.


With a primary focus on the service industry, finding a system that facilitated the sale of parts and labor – as well as integrating scheduled maintenance information and catalog data – was a major consideration for the company. Crucially this was something that their previous point-of-sale (POS) system simply didn't offer, prompting them to look elsewhere. 

As part of their continued expansion efforts, the company also planned a migration to a multi-branded environment, a move which saw them identify further shortcomings in their existing POS software. Security and uptime were also significant concerns as Mike Holmes, General Manager of Virginia Tire & Auto, explains, "We were always aware that, in a worst case scenario where we lost a physical server, we were faced with a minimum of 36 hours downtime. That is time which no business can afford to lose, and was a significant factor in our search for a new software provider."


Virginia Tire & Auto first became aware of MAM Software at the 2008 Goodyear Conference, and had installed VAST at the first of their stores by June 2009. The company currently operate VAST business management software at 11 locations, covering 120 workstations and approximately 200 users. 


Improved customer service

Tablet PCs and Bluetooth scanners have been deployed to allow for smoother carside service; customers are now greeted at their car, their VIN scanned and a work-order opened, all at the first point of contact. VAST's customer relationship management (CRM) tools are used to obtain specific information about existing customers, and to quickly log the preferences of those visiting for the first time. "This tech-savvy approach results in a professional, positive experience for the customer, and goes a long way to ensuring that we secure their repeat business" says Mike Holmes.

Integration at every level

"We had very little control over our previous POS software" explains Mike Holmes. "Integration with repair data and our backend systems was non-existent, which made it increasingly difficult for staff to perform their job efficiently. With VAST's integrated approach to service center management, counter staff at Virginia Tire & Auto now benefit from access to detailed repair and catalog data, as well as information on stock levels."

Comprehensive reporting 

"VAST's reporting features give us a much clearer picture of each store's everyday operations. This approach allows us see where we are performing well, and identify potential problems in their infancy, acting before they have a negative impact on our business." 

Database marketing

"VAST enables us to be more pro-active with our database marketing" explains Mike Holmes. MAM Software's system allows service centers to capture more customer specific information, and easily analyse customer behaviour to allow for more accurately targeted campaigns.

Foundation for future growth

MAM Software's solutions are constantly evolving platforms; VAST does not only provide Virginia Tire & Auto with a system to manage their current busy operation, but also lays the foundation for future growth. "We are always looking for ways to improve our business and level of customer service" says Mike Holmes. "Current plans involve the implementation of paperless invoice processing, a production system using VAST integration, improvements to our service boards to introduce automatic customer notifications, and the introduction of inventory barcode scanning for easier online ordering; all of which is facilitated by the guys at MAM Software."

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