Tuffy Tire and Auto Service Center

Tuffy Tire and Auto Service Center Upgrades to VAST 8.0 to Streamline Processes and Improve Customer Experience

Tuffy Tire and Auto Service Center is a family-owned tire and automotive service center located in Cape Coral, Florida. Mark and Patty Holmes have owned the business for over 19 years, providing tires and a wide range of automotive repair and maintenance services.


For nearly 20 years, Tuffy Tire and Auto has been a VAST customer, regularly upgrading the software along the way to take advantage of features and capabilities with each new version of the software. Tuffy found great value in VAST vItemBroker, which automates the parts searching process so counter personnel can create estimates faster and more accurately; however, Tuffy found inefficiencies with a cumbersome tire ordering procedure, which consisted of a time-consuming, manual process of calling vendors or going to individual vendor websites to search for tire pricing and availability. Owner Mark Holmes was excited to hear that VAST 8.0 offers the vTire Lookup module to automates the tire search and order process similar to the vItemBroker process for parts, and he quickly signed up to become a beta site for the software upgrade.


Find out how Tuffy Tire & Auto used VAST to:

  • Eliminate time-consuming manual searches with real-time, automated estimating and ordering 
  • Improve part order accuracy, so customers get the right parts the first time and there are less supplier returns 
  • Improve productivity with streamlined processes 
  • Enhance the customer experience with faster, more personal and more accurate service 
  • Increase profitability with accurate profit margins, pricing and add-on sales opportunities 

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Tuffy Tire & Auto case study

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