Standard Auto Parts

Ron Sutton from Standard Auto Parts used Autopart business management software to increase profit margin

Standard Auto Parts is a family-owned auto parts supplier serving the Baltimore metropolitan area. With 150 employees and five warehouses (including their 55,000-square-foot headquarters), the company is recognized as the leading supplier in the area. Standard Auto Parts was founded by Jack Sutton in 1945 and original sold auto parts, hardware supplies and Gleem house paint. In 1962, the company decided to shift its focus primarily to auto parts. Today, the company specializes in hot-shot delivery to local independent repair and tire shops, dealers and fleets. Customers rely on Standard Auto Parts to have the parts they need and to deliver them quickly.


Standard Auto Parts wanted to grow their business, but their 17-year-old computer system significantly limited their capabilities and growth potential. The system ran on fixed memory that didn’t allow the company to increase the server’s physical memory, ultimately hindering the system’s speed. The company also had issues managing data because the old system made retrieving and inputting data difficult and cumbersome. The system was a canned program that required so many workarounds that simple, straightforward tasks (like inventory management and pricing) were over-complicated and inconsistent.

To move forward, Standard Auto Parts needed a system that was easy to implement and use for both their in-house operations, as well as for their customers. Their primary goal was to find a solution on a modern platform that would be flexible enough to grow with the company and integrate well with other systems.

Benefits Standard Auto Parts has achieved from MAM Autopart software include:

  • Improving pricing accuracy and increasing profit margin
  • Eliminating system interruptions and downtime, ensuring data is constantly up-to-date
  • Automating system updates, allowing IT personnel to focus on other projects rather than dealing with system maintenance
  • Improved delivery system that automatically updates their delivery program every 9 seconds and dispatches deliveries faster and more efficiently
  • Eliminated paper invoices from up to 50% of vendors and reformatted all vendors’ electronic invoices to a single format

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