Smith Auto Electric

"Smith Auto Electric has used the Autopart system by MAM Software for over three years with great success. We have increased sales, improved profits, and controlled inventory - and we have done this with less people.

The ability of the software to give our customers consistent pricing without any questions has been a major improvement in our operation. Customers can have "special" pricing that can be locked-in by part number or vendor giving us total flexibility on pricing. Multiple pricing levels work well with the norm in the automotive industry. 

Customers' invoices are held in "suspension" until the customer comes to pick-up the product making it easy for our counter-people to handle larger volumes of customers while maintaining our service levels. The built-in cross-reference system allows our employees to find products that will fill the customers needs.

We use bar-codes and find that to be a large improvement in accurate inventory control and re-ordering. The software's ability to utilize purchase orders to order and receive inventory has reduced input of data down to a small trickle.

The stability of the software means zero downtime - in three plus years - zero downtime. The support staff is helpful and quick to respond. I can only say that if we were to make a choice in software knowing what we know today - we would chose Autopart again without a second thought."

Jim Thomas
Smith Auto Electric
Yakima, Wa. 98902

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