Meineke Car Care Center


Along with the new business came an unfamiliar software system. Pfau faced challenges with the system and struggled to get the software to do what he wanted it to do. Processing information and tracking down parts was slow and reporting was very limited. Pfau wanted to have data available that could help make his business more profitable, such as analyzing technician efficiency of hours produced versus hours sold. The existing system did not provide the flexibility to dive deeper into data to uncover both problems and opportunities. 

“Being a business owner, I recognize that time and information are very valuable. I wanted to do everything I could to make good business decisions, and that means having data and usable reports readily available,” said Pfau. “If there is a discrepancy, you need to figure out where you are losing money – and on the flip side, have access to information that shows new areas for profitability.


Find out how Tom Pfau's Meineke Car Care Center used VAST Enterprise Retail to achieve: 

  • Faster processing of vehicles to get the customers through faster 
  • An automated decision process that takes the guesswork out for employees and ensuring accurate margins are applied 
  • Automated parts ordering to give immediate information on availability and the best price on goods 
  • Less employee time on the phone and internet chasing down parts, giving them more time with customers 
  • Improved productivity because staff can view supplier parts inventory and place orders in seconds 
  • Detailed and customizable reports to identify trends and increase sales

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Meineke Car Care Center case study

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