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MAM Software Group is a major supplier of IT solutions to a variety of markets, including the automotive aftermarket in the UK and North America, and the UK building supplies sector

MAM Software’s operations comprise two subsidiaries:

MAM Software Ltd.

Based in Sheffield, UK, MAM Software Ltd. is a leading supplier of software to the automotive aftermarket, building supply and general distribution industries.

MAM Software Inc.

Based in Allentown, PA, MAM Software Inc. produces business management software for the North American automotive aftermarket. The company comprises two specific divisions; Autopart Division, which markets Autopart business management software and its associated products to jobbers and auto parts warehouses; and VAST Division, which develops its widely used VAST software for tire dealers and automotive service centers.

Worldwide markets

MAM Software provides systems and services that meet the needs and expectations of both customers and the ultimate end users, in a variety of markets. The company develops dedicated software solutions for the automotive aftermarket, the merchant sector and other markets.

Meeting the needs of such a diverse range of markets requires a combination of business-management systems, information products and automotive e-commerce services:

  • Business-management systems, comprising MAM Software's proprietary software applications, implementation and training
  • Automotive parts catalog products which are used and updated by every level of the supply chain. 
  • Online services and products that provide connectivity between manufacturers, warehouse distributors, dealers and service providers

These products enable different trading partners throughout the company's target supply chains to successfully implement electronic data interchange, enabling procurement and other business services to be projected over the internet to an expanded business audience. 

Latest news

Agreement will see distributor utilise Autocat+ to develop catalogue content, increase parts accuracy and simplify product search

New products add to MAM’s growing selection of e-commerce options

Agreement will allow MAM customers to access Phocas business intelligence through its business management solutions

Provider of On-Premise and Cloud-Based Business Management Solutions to Present on March 10, 2015 

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