eBay module

A module that integrates with Autopart to make it simpler to add part listings to the eBay marketplace in the UK. It enables you to generate online sales in an established shopping environment and utilise catalogue data to create detailed product adverts.

What is the parts listing tool for eBay?

The parts listing tool for eBay streamlines the process of adding listings to the eBay marketplace in the UK and Ireland and automatically processes the incoming orders. With MAM’s Make Model Index (MMI) mapped to eBay’s Master Vehicle List (MVL), users can produce ‘parts compatibility’ listings which matches a single part to many compatible vehicles. This eliminates the need to produce multiple listings for each part, saving time and money, and makes it easier for parts to be found by buyers. For added simplicity, MAM’s Autocat+ provides descriptions, fitment details and images, while prices and quantities are taken from Autopart.

How is it delivered?

The module is an application that integrates directly with MAM Autopart.

Who is it for?

Automotive parts and accessories retailers.

What are the benefits to your business?

  • Easily create optimised ‘parts compatibility’ listings
  • Map single listings to multiple vehicles
  • Accurate data with parts matched to MAM MMI
  • Simplified order processing with Autopart integration
  • Detailed listings with data and images extracted from Autocat+

What does the parts listing tool for eBay offer?

Autopart integration

Direct integration with MAM Autopart makes the module simple and intuitive to use. Not only can you build multiple product listings at once from within the system, all orders made through eBay are delivered straight into Autopart and will be processed automatically to invoice. Furthermore, stock levels and sales ledgers are automatically updated within Autopart when products are sold.

Autocat+ product mapping

With product data mapped to MAM’s Autocat+, your can build multiple part listings with accurate product descriptions and images. Your customers can also be assured of accurate data and a minimised risk of ordering errors as all part listings created using the tool* are mapped to MAM’s Make Model Index (MMI), the most comprehensive database of UK-specific vehicles. 

*Only parts mapped to the MAM MMI can be managed via the Parts Listing Tool for eBay. Click here to see the list of MMI mapped products.

Parts Compatibility

The module produces ‘parts compatibility’ listings that are mapped to eBay’s master vehicle list (MVL). Parts compatibility allows you to show a list of all the vehicles that a part is compatible with in a single listing. This helps save time and money by reducing the number of listings a seller needs to manage, plus it helps buyers to find compatible parts for their vehicle quickly and easily. Listing with parts compatibility helps you get your relevant items in front of buyers via search. Since both the compatibility information in your listing and your title are used to match the buyer’s search, you can now use all 80 characters in your title for popular search elements like brand name and part number. This means you’ll show up in more - and more relevant - buyer searches.

Filtered product listings

You can specify which of your products you would like to feature on the eBay marketplace by filtering by branch, supplier and product category. Additionally, parts can be selected based on Autopart data; for example, condition indicators and past movements. You can also set the eBay data feed to default an available quantity for each part listing.

Custom listings and pricing

The module allows you to upload your own listing headlines and product images if you would like to override the default Autocat+ data. Brand and product data can also be uploaded as part of the feed. The file used to update listings is sent to eBay periodically at a frequency agreed with you (with the option for you to manually generate and send a file at any time), meaning you can change prices as often as you require.

Shipping methods

You can define up to four national postal/shipping methods for your part listings on the eBay marketplace. Once defined, individual parts and products can be assigned to these methods. This enables you to set pricing models for varying sizes of products, and you can rule out destinations for certain products that could incur high costs. This gives you the flexibility to retain revenue and sell to potential customers across the globe.

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